29 January 2015

A New Year

Clearly my efforts to keep up to date have failed, but I do want to keep trying. Maybe I should make it a New Year's resolution...but then I would probably be even worse at it.

Since my last post, we've had Nate and Josslyn's birthdays, Christmas, New Year's, a trip to Disneyland and McKynzie turning 9 months old. That's a lot of big things!

Nathan always defers his birthdays to Josslyn, which I think he likes so it works out that their birthdays are right next to each other. He kept making me feel a bit (read: a lot) guilty about not wanting to throw Josslyn a huge party, but I just couldn't make myself do it, so we did a little party instead. We invited some friends to the Jump Zone, had dinner with the family, and it was a GREAT weekend that Josslyn totally loved.

She eventually took off the princess dress when she'd finally had enough of it getting in her way. But that was like the last five minutes. She was determined.

Christmas was wonderful and mostly quiet with just the four of us and the snow. Same for New Year's. We didn't really get out much this year, but we totally loved our family time together and totally spoiled our kids. It's a habit.

McKynzie is now 9 months old! She is so big and acting so grown up lately. She got her first tooth right around the time she turned 9 months, which only assists her in eating everything in sight. This girl loves to eat! She loves to stand and walk along the couch, climb and anything and anyone, and follow her sister wherever she may go.

Lastly, we were able to go on a little vacation to Disneyland. We all totally needed the break! A dear friend from Nate's mission was going through the temple and we took the opportunity to drag our kids on a trip. Josslyn was so excited to go on a trip! Even though we didn't tell her where we were going, you could tell she was just as excited as we were to get away. The video of us telling her is pretty funny, but not nearly as much freaking out as I thought. I think she had caught on by the time we actually told her. We let her bring her Elsa dress so she knew something was up.

 Best of all, our kids slept so good! I think we totally wore them out and it made me wish we could do it every single day. It's too cold here in Logan to get out that much energy!

 We told Josslyn she could pick one toy and this is what she picked. It was all Ariel!

Through no planning, and me not even knowing they were going to take on until right then, we totally did the same pose. Awesome.

There are a lot more and better pictures on Nate's phone of a few other things. We decided to spend a little extra money and go to the princess dinner. It was totally worth it. It was amazing. The look of pure joy on Josslyn's face everytime another princess came out was worth every dime I spent that whole trip. She got to meet Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, and Cinderella at the dinner and Elsa and Anna the day before. She could have passed out from happiness. Which is probably why she slept so well. Amazing.

 Talking about hair, of course.

For anyone that doesn't have a 3 year old girl at their house (Mom! HA!) this is Rosetta from the Tinker Bell movies.

Also, of course, a week after we got back, my 9-month-old too young to be vaccinated baby got a stuffy nose and we all freaked out for a day. But then she was fine. So thanks measles person.
Also, we got a new niece! Nate's little brother has his first little one and so far everyone just thinks she's the greatest thing ever!
She thinks very highly of Uncle Nate.